Interview and video: Wallenstam – Evict Elbit Systems! 19/1

Interview and video: Wallenstam – Evict Elbit Systems! 19/1

Stäng ner Elbit mobilized for a rally on Friday January 19 outside Wallenstam AB, the landlord of Elbit Systems Sweden, followed by a short protest march to the Central Station where the rally continued. Multiple reports where made during the evening, one of them is the following interview:


Today we are protesting that the Swedish government is choosing to support the ongoing genocide in Gaza through its involvement with Elbit Systems.

[Wallenstam rent office premises to Elbit Systems.]

Elbit Systems is an Israeli company producing war materials through which they are highly involved in the genocidal attacks on Gaza.

Elbit Systems has a subsidiary established here in Sweden from which the Swedish state has been buying war products at an increasing rate in the last few years.

Last October, amid the attacks on Gaza, they signed a new deal worth 1.7 billion SEK for ten years, on behalf of the Swedish military.

The Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories is brutal and illegal, and therefore all Israeli companies should be boycotted by the Swedish state.

We think that it's a good start to sever ties with Elbit Systems who has been involved so intimately in the genocidal attack on Gaza.

Free Palestine!